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About us

About the Brand
About the Brand
Yamagata ‧ Kaku
Yamagata Prefecture in Japan contains many majestic natural sights and mysterious temples hidden in mountains; intertwined with Mount Zaō, the elegance of nature is conveyed through the light of dusk reflected off frosted tree branches, icy mountain paths, and emanating mists from hot springs.
Extending along the Sendai line, the mountain’s temples are major spiritual grounds for religious practitioners. Walking along the serene paths, events and scenes from the past carry a color of mystery but one breaks free from mundane fetters for tranquil relaxation in sacred grounds.

Yamagata ‧ Kavalan
The Kavalan, an indigenous people of Yilan are known as “people of the plains”; their nurturing of these lands has established their symbiotic relationship with the mountains and forests.
Yamagata Kaku was inspired by traditional local culture with an exterior design based on the mountainous terrain and soaring cliffs that the indigenous people call home.
Décor and furnishings are infused with ancient history and an acknowledgment of this region for an aura that exudes the affinity of nature and tranquility.

Soft and gentle colors fill each guest room through the use of natural stone and wood materials, an alternating warm palette that combines to paint a welcoming atmosphere, as if our guests stood amid the forests and plains.
Yamagata Kaku can be found in the optimal location of Jiaoxi, providing today’s guests with a recreational resort that is relaxing, free, comfortable, and serene.
Listen to the voice of your heart and delicately enjoy the stories of this land through the philosophy of naturalism and Zen meditation.

Mountain Temple,
It represents the devotion of one’s body in exile to train the spirit
escape from the grime and stress
the aspects of mankind, nature, society, and history establish the space
practice in this hidden land.
Experience and meditate,
allow your mind, body, and soul
to return to their most primitive state.
Upholding the Japanese tea ceremony spirit of “one chance in a lifetime”
We look forward to your visit and await your experience here